Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas reflections

so many things this year that could not be captured in a photo, but are etched in my mind for this christmas nonetheless-


our traditional meal and the christmas crackers, we wore our paper crowns while enjoying the homemade cookies.

christmas eve service- such a different feeling that at other times, and wow, while our family was reading the advent, the see of over 300 people at 11:00 pm was amazing!

serving communion to the same mass of people, and wondering if there would be enough cups so everyone could participate-there were only about 4 or 5 after everyone was served.

hearing buster barton sing o holy night, for the final time-he's retiring, after 33 christmas eve services at our church-so glad we were able to be part of that.


sleeping in really late- so unusual for me.

spending the day just hanging out, watching movies, knitting, we had one person to drop by for a quick chat, eating whenever-whatever. a lot of family time.

opening gifts, and knowing that the boys really loved the ga tech fleece blankets i made for them -so often hand made gifts are not appreciate-and am glad i was able to keep these a secret.
andrew building with his new k'nex set- i think this really sums up the idea that your never really too old - especially if you love the moment you are in whether it is just an ordinary day or a special time like christmas