Monday, December 1, 2008

done and nearly.

done with the gift stole-am always amazed at how lovely lace blocks-very different from the blob you have while knitting. will NOT be knitting lace again that has alpaca- way too sticky,

nearly done-christmas tree and decorations-will be putting out a few more things, have decided that i don't have to have everything out!

done with the mystery socks, missed the cut-off for getting into the drawing by a day, but oh well, love the yarn, the pattern, and the fit!

nearly done with pj's hat-no photo yet- so nice to have some things marked off my "to do" and projects list, this week will be quite maddening, so enjoy this week, and hope you are productive as well.

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mary said...

yay you! love the finished knits! (and I agree about not having to put everything out - my girls helped me a few years ago - sorting through everything and picking out just the best - it makes decorating go much faster, and we don't feel like the holidays are completely taking over our house!)