Thursday, December 4, 2008

domesticity redefined.

when i saw this book i did a bit of a double take, then when i read a review here, one of my new favorite blogs, i knew i had to had it to my library. toss in the special extra 40% off coupon for members at barnes and noble, and it is now on my desk and is a delight to read. all the things i enjoy are included cooking, quilting, knitting, etc. brocket eloquently shows the difference between domestic and domesticity for today's woman- i'm soooo there, and i'm loving this book. oh yea, don't forget to read the intro- really sets the tone for the book.

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mary said...

this is on my christmas list! so glad you're enjoying it. I've been following jane's blog for a while, and knew about the book from that (btw - did you see her most recent post about QUILTING??!!) and then I browsed it the last time at B&N and really thought it would be a good one.