Thursday, January 14, 2010

limits & chocolate.

i've given a lot of thought about what i want to do over this year's winter staycation. i think i planned to much last year, and was left with a list of things i didn't get to. i love having this time off when i don't have to add holiday activities and it's just some r&r (or at least my version of r&r). i've limited my "to do" list to just one page of my journal-what's in purple are things i have to do, and in orange is what i'd really like to accomplish or at least make good head way on, and the green is my reminder that i shouldn't get too lazy and forget to exercise. we'll see how i do. last week i spotted a new bakery near my office-bakeshop (it replaced gold star bakery in midtown), and this morning i picked up some bread, a chocolate-almond croissant, and a flourless chocolate tart (in the picture), shared both sweets with my boss, so as to limit the guilt, and they both were soooo good. i'll definitely have to limit my visits! also, i'm looking for some inspiring blogs that give journal prompts, so if you have any suggestions. . .

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mary said...

I wasn't thinking I liked "limits" - but what you've described makes good sense - maybe how I would think of "realistic expectations". have FUN next week...and most important, feel good it when it's over!

re: the journal prompts - m.writes published some in early 2009. and a blog call sunday scribblings (not sure it's still around) put out new prompts on sundays. I think it also had links to other resources (I've still got a few printouts of 10-minute topics in the back pocket of my moleskine)