Sunday, January 10, 2010

goals for 2010.

what does a pot of tomato sauce have to do with goals, glad you asked. i've thought about what resolutions or goals i wanted to set for 2010 here's what i've come up with-

~diet and exercise-maintain my exercise routine and improve my diet. i made drastic changes 5 years ago, and want to do even better now. i've decided that i wanted 80-85% of my food to come in it's own packaging-i'm hoping to limit the 15-20% to dried pastas, canned or dried beans, rice, risotto, etc. so i'll be making more of my own sauces (above) and such which will take more time, but think it will be worth it-especially the homemade desserts!
~knit at least 3 sweaters, and 10 items for charity, would love to make some hat to hand out to the homeless near my office.
~lunch out with a friend 6 times
~do 12 acts of kindness to complete strangers
~pray more
~listen more
~be a bit more patient
~improve my sewing skills: learn to make aprons and simple, fun cottony skirts for summer
~visit at least 1 new city
~learn to properly finish a sweater
~refrain from buying yarn until august unless i'm traveling or can get more than 20% off.
quite a list, oh yea i'll be helping pj getting into collage, teaching andrew how to drive. so hopefully i can do an update around june to see how things are going

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