Sunday, March 10, 2013


in a word that pretty much sums up the close of week 10. i found an awesome dress for katie's wedding, along with another dress for the shower and rehearsal dinner and a couple new tops to get me through the other may events that are on the calendar. it always feels great to find the perfect outfit in my size!

also, i'm all caught up with project life-here's week 10 (over the last couple weeks i've been working on weeks 5-10), love how it's coming together, but know there are some techniques i'll implement at some point.  i've also completed several small knitting projects and FINALLY got the photographs up on ravelry. next up are 2 shawls that i hope to have finished to wear with the new dresses. i've found simple patterns, so it's definitely doable.
it was also great getting back onto the bike and riding in the sunshine (and 16 mph wind), many complain about the time change, but it's going to allow for more biking riding and taking sophie to the day park since these "venues"are dependent on sunrise and sunset.  this next week won't be jammed packed with activites, but i'm looking forward to just "being"for now.

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Mary said...

yay indeed! congrats on the successful shopping!! (and I'm also working to enjoy the evening sunshine - just need the mornings to brighten up, too!)