Tuesday, March 26, 2013


celebrating ...getting things off my "to-do" list. this past weekend i was super productive, project life week 12-done, i made all the cards i need between now and the end of may, and tackled one of the biggest lingering projects.  i completed and ordered 3 photoboos (photo is of the first one arrived yesterday in the mail-LOVE it!), and i uploaded photos for the final two.  shutterfly makes these so easy, i've used premiere in the past, and was just so cumbersome. perhaps that's what was really my hold up in getting these finished.  books include paris, new orleans, rosemary beach, north carolina, and 4 work trips which i put into one album. i also finished the blocks i need for quilt day in june which included 100 4 patch, and 100 snowballs (squares with 2 1/2" in squares sewn on each corner, which means i had to cut 400 2 1/2" squares-yikes!). i have 2 large blocks to complete by june, but really for me that means April 15! hope to finish those this weekend. i'd say this alone is worth opening a bottle of champagne!

hoping for a sunny sunday morning, a warm sunny sunday morning would be really awesome.

planning all kinds of stuff-mostly food stuff for saturday and sunday. of course, this time of year, i'm always planning AND acting so that i don't get behind.

cycling- still sticking to riding inside, probably until april, it's been so easy to spend and 1 1/2 hour in the comfort of the basement AND watching shows on my ipad.

enjoying spending time in the kitchen with andrew

reading the greater journey: americans in paris.

knitting a lace shawl for katie's wedding, i have a pair of socks cast on, and the tulip tote.

watching vikings, walking dead, the bible, ripper street, and trying to find whitechapel on on-demand. looking forward to madmen and breaking bad starting again.

listening the heating vent at my desk, and co-workers down the hall.

eating oatmeal and granola for breakfast.

drinking coffee

wearing black skirt, black tights and shoes, and new silk floral print blouse from white house black market

wondering about the weather, what dessert to fix for easter dinner, what the fall is going to be like when andrew heads off to college.

what's current with you.

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Mary said...

oh, kind of jealous of all your celebrate stuff - I haven't completed a PL life week since BEFORE president's day!! would love to see your books; will you bring on Saturday?