Friday, April 5, 2013

this week's highlights

the weather has been gloomy, and most days i'd have been happy just staying in my pajamas eating soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and watching trash tv, but alas it was off to work for me and a few extras "events".  first up sophie's dog park incident-poor thing in the cone of shame. fortunately she seems to be in no pain, but the limited activity is wearing us all down. hopefully this weekend, we can find some low energy ways to entertain her.  she's really being a champ-despite being photographed at 5:20 this morning-this is her-i'd rather be sleeping than have my mother take AND post my photograph-look.
there has been some knitting- am nearly finished with the shawl i'm making to wear at katie's wedding. stockinette with short rows-how easy is that now that the lace portion is complete. also, am about half-way finished with the baby blanket i'm working on for co-worker whose wife is expecting any day now. LOVE LOVE the yarn-berroco vintage-i highly recommend this yarn. i have a couple other projects just waiting to be cast on once these are finished.
my project life kit came in-whoo! i've only use a copy of the cards and am so in love with this kit. am glad i took advantage of the awesome deal offered on home shopping network, even if it mean me setting my alarm clock so i could check it out. i'm NOT normally a HSN shopper BTW.

there's been some shopping for-i've got 2 bridal showers and an engagement party at the end of this month, and of course, the fun part for me, aside from picking out the gifts, was finding stemless champagne flutes-i didn't know these things existed (these are for me-can't wait to use them). i've even made some headway on the gifts that need to be bought in May!
other good things coming up- joining the ladies at cast on cottage for the new KAL, weekend of predicted nice weather. hopefully sophie and i can sit on the deck and enjoy the fresh air, and having an empty calendar. perhaps i'll have my long to do list wrapped up before sunday's season premier of mad men! what are your highlights?


Mary said...

I'm glad Sophie is doing ok with her cone (note that I'm not calling it a cone of shame...because truly, it's not!) so enjoyed your company yesterday and hope you had a great day today in the SUNshine!! xo

cheap jersey said...

Adorable....your photographs and the beautiful hand stitching!