Tuesday, January 6, 2009

doors and shoes

our pastor gave an interesting sermon on sunday- doors and shoes-think about the doors that have been opened or closed during your lifetime [opportunities, triumphs, tragedies, disappointments, etc.], and the kinds of shoes you've worn-are they comfy, pinch your toes, make you feel fabulous, a rash purchase [now they're in the back of your closet?] -so that leads me to ask the question what kinds of doors and shoes do you want to encounter in 2009:

doors that are-
(re)-opened to friends/family- old and new; i've already had a taste of this when karen opened her door to mary and i for a wonderful afternoon.
opened to new opportunities and experiences
closed to negativity
opened-to refreshing and renewal of mind, body and soul

shoes that are-
♥very comfy and make you feel restful
♥some that are maybe a bit tight, but put you outside of your comfort zone to discover something you might not have otherwise noticed?
♥a pair that bring out something hidden inside of you-a new challenge-learn a new skill
♥ a pair with real high heels that make you feel tall and proud
♥ a pair that will take you on a wonderful journey

something to think about-i'm leaning towards an all of the above! maybe you can pull out that pair you haven't worn in a while-who knows what you'll find.

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mary said...

interesting idea! (and if your pastor doesn't read your blog, he should!)

I like any door that leads to an open room...or even better, the outside. hate getting closed in.

For shoes, I think your idea to try on something new is right on. But not so sure about the ones that don't fit. Life's too short to be worried about your feet not feeling good, right? (not to mention that my feet have gotten bigger as I've gotten older and if the shoes were tight before, they'll be really tight now!)