Wednesday, March 21, 2012

food talk.

a few weeks ago, i was seasoning a chicken, i told andrew i was "in a tarragon place". he gave me a curious look, and i explained that i was having a taste for tarragon, and wanted to use it on everything (showing some restraint isn't always easy). andrew being the aspiring chef that he is he "got it", and gave me his slight nod and an "ah".  i think he'd agree that we're both in a ceasar salad place now. i found a great recipe for ceasar dressing, in the joy of cooking (my least joyful cookbook due to the way it lists it's ingredients and directions, by i digress), i've almost got it memorized.  i personally like shaved pieces of parmasean cheese, (personally, i think it's a sign of maturity when you can eat more solid pieces of parmasean cheese), but andrew likes it grated.  andrew came back for a second service of salad yesterday (yeah!) and of course, i'm not EVER going to keep my boy from eating his veggies! BTW he also likes to add extra anchovies just like his cousin sara-must be genetic!


Sara said...

As far as I'm concerned, extra anchovies are the only way to go :)

We've been making a Caesar dressing with buttermilk for about the last year (on my blog). It's so creamy and has totally changed the way I think about Caesar salad.

Mary said...

I love chunky parmesan...or coarsely grated. and caesar salad is always good.

avenue 5 consulting said...

Im hearing your thoughts about it. You are making a good point.