Friday, April 27, 2012

may madness

i use my outlook calendar to help with meal planning. i list all the after schoo/work activities so we know which days require something quick for dinner or leftovers. also, it lets the family know what's on the menu. keeps them in the know and me organized-gotta love that. this is the first time i actually color coded what's going on, and as you can see ALOT. 4 birthdays, a wedding anniversary, mother's day, 3 social get togethers and 2 trips-both of which i'm really looking forward to. so my goal, which will also include my OLW for the year, will be to focus on these activities and document them along the way. my wine fridge is fully stocked, so i'm totally ready for this

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Mary said...

you GO girl! I love color coding my calendar. let's me see at a glance how I'm spending my time...