Sunday, October 19, 2008

the food was good.

taste of acworth, the first time i've been, and of course, kathy was willing to join me, so andrew, kathy, courtney, danielle and myself headed out-it was a gorgeous, but cool morning. we had a soccer game at 2, so we had to get there early. checked out all the food vendor booths from local restaurants, and some of the downtown area merchants.

andrew and daniell enjoy pizza from capo's, i think-can't really tell from daniell's expression- maybe andrew has cooties?

andrew and kathy

the dames and divas boutique way cool beetle bug

oh yea back to the food- sampled waterstone grill's salmon cake with mango salsa and the beef ragu with pinot noir reduction- then the peach and blueberrie cobbler with vanilla ice cream- yum, and a sampling of foxwood pinot grigio and cabernet sauvignon

heading back to the car we saw elvis-i always thought he was taller! these are the kennesaw mountain cloggers-much different than from when i was a kid- rap music and clogging- hmmmm i don't get it

after soccer- steve and i headed to a retirement party- after 30 years, can you tell the before and after? yea, the food was good- can't beat a grilled burger and fresh salsa

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mary said...

nice life :-) want to see the quilts!! (the rain you had friday hit SC on saturday, brrrr, wet, ugh!)