Wednesday, October 22, 2008

who knew?

when our dillard 09 plans were made, i mentioned to my MIL that i'd like to visit the antique stores to search for buttons- she wondered why the interest in buttons- well- just kinda -because-seems like an interesting endeavour, etc. etc. well, i'm not the only one- did you know there is a national button society?, and a georgia button society, and a "must-have" book that sells around $300-$600- Big Book of Buttons by Elizabeth Hughes- i am watching one on e-bay that's up to about $40 right now-fingers, etc crossed for this. how very interesting- will provide more blog fodder for sure! the most sought after button is the 1789 George Washington Inauguration Button- beaucoup bucks people-beaucoup!

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mary said...

you nailed it...who knew!