Tuesday, October 14, 2008

thanks mr. c.

mr. c as in christopher columbus, thanks to him i had the day off- yea,so here's how the day went:

hit the bike at 4:30, a whole hour to devote today- then floor exercises:

6:29 am: homemade biscuits for the boys- they were small, but very tasty

7:15 am drop andrew off at school for snow boarding lessons, andrew's photo not so good as it was still dark-then pj at 7:30- then drop off dry cleaning- home by 7:45 am

8:00 am head downstairs to tackle the mini book project- thermos of coffee and i-pod with speakers ready to go ---

boxes of photos that have had a preliminary sorting: goal is to cut paper, sort photos again, some throwing out, and cut covers to make mini albums (books), doing this in stages

madam guillotine from work- does a great job with multiple sheets of paper and chip board

10:00 am take a break and check the patio- geraniums still look pretty good- had already pulled out the summer plants that were "spent"

a quick photo session- i did a little shopping at the quilt store on saturday- great bargains 25, 30 and 70% off!

and i won a door prize! a book by this author i knew the name was familar- a modern day william morris-i'm in love! my first quilt top "morris garden" is based on his designs.

2:25 pm coffee break and finished up project. the remaining photos are my albums for NY, Boston and Vegas, also the bottom box are "professional" photos of family members that are either 5x7 or 8x10, and i haven't quit decided what to do with them yet, but i did meet my goal for the day-

end of phase 1 of the mini books -good results- really did little thinking in terms of paper-wanted to use up stuff i had on hand and wanted this to be a quick deal-

3:15 a visit outside- say hello to the hairy toad lillies- bought these at an eclectic nursery several years ago, and brought them to our new house, i♥them. they love the shade or dappled sun, so if anyone wants some-they really spread. . .

3:45 pm i met a new friend-he was a big'un

landscape phase 1 finished, planted burgundy mums and some pansies. will tackle the containers in a couple weeks, transplanted a few items that were in containers over the summer,and tidied this bed, there is still a bit of summer color, also did a bit of transplanting around the birdbath- don't know if the stuff will come back, but wanted to give it a try rather than throwing the ferns and caladiums in the trash- we'll see . .

whew- i'm a bit tired from all that, but glad i stuck with it:: want to have the mini albums totally done by thanksgiving- did manage to enjoy a nice steak dinner and a glass of wine- looking forward to a day of quilting with kathy- must remember to do photos

happy monday ya'll


goooooood girl said...

Very fine......

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. C would be proud of how you used his day. Glad you took a few minutes to enjoy being outside--your gardening efforts are paying off. Polly

Anonymous said...

You make me tired. :-)
Gotta go lie down now.


mary said...

ditto all the other comments and love what you did with your day! can't wait to see the minibooks and quilting. you know that guy does knitting design, too, right?