Saturday, October 11, 2008

friday frolics

love fridays, not only does it end the work week, but if all things are normal, when i get home the groceries are bought, house cleaning and laundry done, so i feel i can really relax and unwind.

worked on my secret sister stole- dropped a stitch, so i gotta back track, but enjoy the time in the car, and the traffic wasn't bad either.

browsed bon appetit, plan to try the buttermilk biscuits, pan-fried fish, beef short ribs w/coriander & cardamon, the scampi fra diavolo, and the quick sausage (turkey, of course) and mushroom lasagna- yum yum!

friday night- chaperoning epic for the church youth group, some of the youth stayed overnight (including pj), as they were going to spend saturday doing a clean up session.

great of pj, and of course, not so great of me, but the photographer was holding the photo at a weird angle.

pj and the other kids seemed to really enjoy having the adults around, it really was fun, listening to them listen to the music we grew up with, laughing, singing, and just having a really good time.

pj and the fuzz ball table.

pj and the girls

looking forward to saturday, sunday and monday getting things done. fall plantings, quilt shopping (more on that!), soccer (we lost, again), some easy cooking, and enjoying the cooler temps.

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mary said...

wow - can't believe I forgot to comment here! so love that you're doing "stuff" with the boys - lock-ins, soccer, cooking, whatever - the time is special for you and them!