Tuesday, October 7, 2008

weekend wrap-up

friday night football~~~~ homecoming 2008

the moms- kathy, myself and joyce (our new friend and quilter from pennsylvania)

the kids---danielle, pj and andrew -they went off to mingle

the team

the quilters- first installment of the quilters club- searching for a name- lydia, kathy and brenda, joyce couldn't make it so hopefully next time- great fun

i also made some birthday cards, finished a quilt top, cooked more meals than i care to think about as well as washed so many dishes, pots and pans, my hands are woefully chapped. we lost our soccer game, but i've started the second froot loop, yea-looking forward to the week of the 13th, since it will be 3 day work week, of course soooo many plans for that time off-stay tuned for that-

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mary said...

high school homecoming - you know, I don't think I've ever been!!! next, a question, what's the make of the sewing machine? (and if that's not Kathy's, do you know what make she has?) ... research....