Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 more days and counting

friday's list- done. enjoyed the lights, but didn't take any photos because:

1-i stink at taking night pictures

2-i was doing the driving

i was glad that steve and the boys decided to join us, last year was a bit unpleasant, but we also had 2 more kids with us, so this go around- much better. enjoyed a quick stop at starbucks- my favorite one where i go to do my "alone" knitting.

notice Jean's new specs! picked those up friday afternoon.

have most of the saturday "must dos" finished. this will be our final day of shopping for the family gift exchange, otherwise shopping is done!!

plan to add fringe to the gift scarf, it's already blocked, and i can get that wrapped and delivered tomorrow.

added Christmas Vacation and White Christmas to the holiday DVD collection, will probably pop the CV in tonight.

leftovers for dinner, so that's a snap ♥.

now, as long as the traffic is not too dreadful . . .

1 comment:

mary said...

whew! looks like you've made great progress on your list! ...and I'm loving that toasty (thanks for the link) - will check it out tomorrow for sure.