Thursday, February 21, 2008

in a new york minute

well maybe not a minute, more like a few-
in a word the trip was FAB-U-LOUS!
the slogan for the trip was . . if you forget something-just get it while you're there- it's not like your going to a foreign country- well okay you sorta are. . . but anyway . . . truly it was a lot like another county, we saw people from around the world-NYC "natives" and visitors! amazing. Photos to follow, too many to try to post now-

weather-cold, blue sky, gray sky, damp, light rain, cold, windy, warm-but not at the same time! the cold and rain didn't stop us from being out for 12-13 hours each day!

favorite shops-Himalayan Crafts (Jillian) and Knitty City (Lydia)- missed the Yarn Company on Broadway, and just stepped into String on Lexington/Park Ave-must visit them both next time

food-cannoli (yum), bagel, omelets, doughnut (Jillian), coffee, tea, hot chocolate, dried fruit & apple (grand central market-way cool place a "mini" Harry's, Joe Allen's (awesome), pretzel from a street vendor, and pizza, of course!

sights-people, fur coats, dogs, taxis, bright lights, Trump Towers, marquees, trees, snow, park benches, doormen, runners, joggers, strollers, shops galore some very posh, Whistler, Degas, Picasso, Cassatt, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Pollock, Kandinsky, Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, Turner, Rodin, WM Chase, Madam X, Greek-Roman art, artifacts, sculptures, jewelry, Cyrian artifacts, armour, medieval stained glass, chevy's suspended in the air, life-like wolves, "paintings" made with gun powder, Cezanne, art, art, and more art!

favorite spots- Central Park! The Met, Barnes and Noble on Broadway both of them, Starbucks.

our route-started out on W 47th street headed east to 5th Avenue-north to 86th St (Park Avenue was somewhere in there!) across Central Park to W79th and Amsterdam to Broadway to W46th Street, back again on Sunday all the way through Central Park- past the Imagine mosaic, and through Strawberry fields, Monday-subway from 42nd Street to Grand Central Station to E86th via Lexington Avenue- Tuesday to School of Visual Arts on E 23rd St. then the airport.

museums- The Frick, The Guggenheim, The Met, The Cooper-Hewitt, MOMA

missed most-coffee first thing in the morning, the family

what to do next-The Cloisters, The Met, the financial district, Brooklyn, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the Zoo, more picnics in the park and less time in restaurants! maybe a show?

lessons learned- come back when it's warmer! buy food at the deli's or places like Grand Central Market, use the subway more, spend more time sitting in the park watching people

we really did a lot of stuff and my boss, who's from Brooklyn, said we really made the most of our time and did the trip right-even if we missed a lot of "hot spots". Jillian was a great traveling companion, never complained, and I felt that this was "our" trip, we discussed what we wanted to do and when-we even enjoyed the quiet moments-her with her book, and me with my knitting and my book-I think these times were a refreshing break so we wouldn't get too tired of each other-- within 24 hours of arriving we were talking about when we could come back (next year Spring Break?!)- a big thanks to Jillian for going with me and thanks to Karen and Steve for financing our adventure!


Anonymous said...

I get weak just reading what y'all crammed into those few days. Way to go...and maybe you'll get to go back next year!

mary said...

wow it does sound FAB-U-LOUS!! Sara and I will be sure to act on your suggestions (and please do send hotel details)