Saturday, March 22, 2008

spring time in the 'hood

friday was a gorgeous day wasn't it?

I love the old houses on piedmont avenue

a cherry tree of some sort?


a recent removation- lovely

do you see the bird nest?

some folks cringe when i tell them i commute to midtown, but i ♥ it- not the commute, but the area! it is very homey, and some of the houses are the same one's that where here when my mom lived in this area in the early 60s--

friday i took a walk 'cause i had a taste for ice cream, but when i got to sebastians i found it was closed- :-( , so i continued walking til i got to chocolate pink, a very cool bakery near my office. i bought mr k, a banana cream cupcake, and for myself----pink lemonade, a perfect compliment for my afternoon tea-

what a week, soooo glad it's over, but next week will most likely be much of the same, oh well, i do like to stay busy. . . and happy easter.

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mary said...

lovely photos!