Wednesday, May 7, 2008

destruction update

okay, so here's some background, if you notice in the previous post there is quite a bit of distance between the top step and the threshold of the door. well, that is what was supposed to be repaired. the contractor said he would have to "cut" away the shrubs in order to have room to work- now i have found out that he was told to "do whatever he needed" he didn't even call ahead to say he would be starting any of this work. also, after all this butchery, he has to take a new approach to making the repair--huh?????

here's another photo that gives a headlong look at why this is a true tragedy.

notice the hedge-like way these shrubs have developed? also, to pour salt into the wound when i saw the aforementioned contractor later in the evening. he did a bit of a sing-songy thing "the shrubs are done, lydia, the shrubs are gone", like i'm supposed to think this is okay- what part of this is okay? then he tells me i could plant some bushes there, and he that didn't have a choice-
anything planted here is going to look like crap because of the height of the remaining shrubs, so i guess the next step is to pull out the rest of the shrubs and re-landscape this area---this was not an expense or project i was planning to take on this year. oh yea, and he doesn't even have the decency to haul away the yard debris, had we had the opportunity, these could have been salvaged and put somewhere else in the yard.


mary said...

so sorry :-(

Lynette said...

Yikes! I think your contractor is the evil spawn of Satan and Edward Scissorhands.