Tuesday, May 13, 2008

happy 13!

wow, 'roo, hard to believe you're 13- where has the time gone, i remember the tea parties with eeyore and pooh, when you would put on my shoes and walk around, i'm glad i took all those pictures so i can look back on them some day- you are a great "little" guy, mom loves you bunches!

we enjoyed a great day (in between all the others!) andrew wanted hot dogs and red velvet cupcakes, so a bit of a compromise and i added burgers on the grill and chips-very simple and very good! happy birthday my little yahooligan!

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mary said...

hey andrew - and welcome to the official teenage years! it's been such a treat getting to know you and I am so looking forward to sharing in these next few years (especially) - they should be good ones! best wishes and a (belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!