Monday, May 19, 2008

hats and gloves . .

it was a smashing success, lots of food, laughs, cool gifts- especially the gift card to cast on cottage- an afternoon outing is being planned with the roswell crew :-). a few photos from the tea party,

many ladies came in hats, some even gloves-

some of the food

we even had one gentlemen get into the spirit by wearing his own version of hats and gloves,

this is isabelle's grandpa, can you image what those two will be doing in a couple years?! he's got a flower on his cap, and gardening gloves!

i have to give a big thank you to kathy who came over on saturday to help with washing fruit, veggies, making sandwiches, etc. AND she even cooked lasagna for our dinner so that i'd have one less thing to worry about- now that's a good friend. also, on sunday kathy and angie were on hand for, like hours, serving, setting up, washing cups, etc. they were a tremendous help, and are such a blessing to my mom and i.

a pretty party photo- i did wear a hat, i just don't have a picture.

how do you like this for a wine label- it was good too!

so now i feel i can relax a bit, just 2 more birthdays this week, and they will be simple affairs with just the folks in the house- getting ready for dillard. i have friday off so there will be plenty of time to get things together and sorted before we go. plan to take several projects. speaking of projects - looks like i won't get to the photo projects before "summer starts", maybe i'll have time to do those at dillard, if not they'll get done sooner or later.

am totally excited about boston in june- really cambridge mass, and there is a yarn shop a block from the hotel!!!! and another that is about a mile away, and according to the shop owner, a very nice walk- and lots of cool restaurants, i'm also going to the museum as there is an el greco and velasquez exhibit going on- can NOT wait! more on that later, and i'm planning to do better research on places to eat.



mary said...

looks like a lovely party (I knew it would be, but it's still nice to see photos!) - so sorry I missed it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lydia for a wonderfull 70th birthday. one that will live to be talked about for quite sometime.the food was out of sight and so much of it. Good friends and family really made the day for plenty of laughs and reminising. I dont think anyone left hungry or unhappy. Hope we can make your BIG day just as special.Cheers Mum. Have a great week-end.