Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tag team partner

have to confess that there was a time when i was a wresting fan-i know- ewwww, but there is something to having a tag-team partner- someone in your corner to help you out when you need it. kathy's my official tag-team partner in the sport of life. i clocked about 5 hours at her house on sunday, reflecting back i can't believe how much activity was going on -me making 4 trips back and forth between her house and church~~andrew taking over the kitchen to make a snack or two! an easy dinner of sandwiches, plenty of coffee~~getting help with a quilting project, while she typed up her weekly newsletter to preschool parents- me helping her with ideas of what to use to show the kids how to paint the native american way with berries and other bits found in nature- both of us discussing the right words to describe learning outcomes-attributes and characteristics of corn! and how to explain to the parents to NOT sent their little princesses to school all decked-out~~~finalizing thanksgiving dinner plans- we're going to their house again- turkey, ham, gravy, the usual trimmings and desserts, both of us cooking to make it all come together, and planning plenty of "hanging out" time for us to do quilting/knitting hopefully both- the only downside was that i didnt' think to capture the day in a photograph, so it was a productive and social day all in one-what a great way to spend a sunday afternoon. i'm very lucky to have her in my corner.

photo found on this website: http://www.davemillicanbelts.com/Large7/RoadWarriors.jpg


mary said...

awww...I think I would've enjoyed a photo of your day better than the one you picked :-) sounds lovely!

Lynette said...

Now, are you the one on the right or is that Kathy - lol!

Seriously, (whispers) I used to be a wrestling fan, too. :-)