Monday, March 16, 2009

catching up

had a wonderful meal at goldfish, with Dustin, Kecia and Charles. steve joined us as well, and helped with the photos. was nice catching up with kecia as we haven't seen each other since september. she'll be having surgery in august, so plans were made to help out during her recovery. will give us a chance to do more catching up on sisterly stuff-i'm sure there will be some knitting, quilting and cooking in there, as we are so much alike when it comes to domestic stuff. we also saw usher-yes the singer-he was at the table next to ours. charles shook his hand on his way out, but it was his night off so no photo op, but cool anyway- great food and wine and time together-these are times to be cherished.

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mary said...

saw the photos on flickr last night and thought they were great - it is nice not to have those 'long-armed' shots every now and then, isn't it?!