Saturday, May 30, 2009

getting caught up.

finally getting to the point where i'm not coming in from work, changing clothes, grabbing a quick bite, and then walking back out the door. today was a chance get some much needed things done, but also enjoyed lunch today with mom, kathy, and kathy's sister at the olde mill in acworth. we picked up our block of the month, and got a few bargains as well. uploaded photos onto flicker from dillard-here are other scenes from memorial weekend. i found a lovely yarn shop and quilt shop in franklin, nc and plan to go there again next year when we're in dillard. it's always a nice time, and fun just to hang out-got a lot of knitting done, and enjoyed discussing/watching foodnetwork shows, sampling some cheese, and other yummy snacks, wine, walks, etc.

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mary said...

I know...feels good doesn't it!! (and the snack outside looks lovely)