Tuesday, June 23, 2009

philadelphia day 1

have enjoyed philadelphia so far. reading terminal market--excellent find, and right next to our hotel. bought some snacks for dinner and breakfast. the weather was a bit questionable when we got in, but turned out to be very nice. saw some famous buildings, and this celebrity (was within 3 feet)-i guess i looked like a deranged fan, 'cause he high-tailed it out of the area when i went for the camrea-i may be deranted, but definately not a fan. i also was briefly interviewed by the local news regarding the "kate and jon"(makes 8) announcement. since the hotel doesn't have local channels, i didn't get to see my 3 minutes of fame! i've uploaded more photos onto flickr. so here are a couple of the sites.


mary said...

sounds like good times - hope it continued today while you worked!

mary said...

...a bit later and I've seen all the photos - and realize I need to go back to philadelphia as an adult - funny, but my age 15-16 memories just don't do the city justice! it looks lovely...full of history and in great shape despite the 30-some years since I last saw it!!

Gina said...

If you happen to pass by this restaurant in Philly
drop in and see if Karl is working, he is a friend of mine and used to work with Anthony in Amsterdam. Say hi and hugs from me!
Gina x