Sunday, August 23, 2009

lots to talk about

alot's been going on this last week for us, satuarday we had my birthday dinner, which was delicious, ina's asian grilled salmon , andrew's choice, very moist very easy. kathy and the girls came by for cupcakes and chocolate cake (courtesy of danielle), i had a few moles removed on wednesday (fun, fun), and we got mom scheduled for her pace-maker switch-out (friday 8/28), cross-country banquet (no photos,) and packing up the areas in the basement we plan to finish (starting tomorrow). i've uploaded tons of photos on flickr, before shots of the basement, which hopefully will be done in a couple weeks, and some knitting stuff. bought some new yarn last week at cast on cottage, and managed to find a pattern for some stashed yarn without having to purchase more. details on ravelry.

steve and i had a great time at the green egg-790 the zone event yesterday, me with kevin rathbun-iron chef winner (he and his brother beat bobby flay in 08 with secret ingredient "elk", after meeting this guy i can easily believe that!) this event was a fundraiser for the gold shield organization in atlanta, and even though it was hot we had a good time sampling the goodies from buckhead beef, and sweetwater brewery. if they host this event again next year, i might participate in the cooking competition. whew, a lot packed into 7 days, but have been loving the rain and the cool temps today. too bad monday is just around the corner.

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mary said...

sounds like good times and lots of fun! headed over to ravelry to check out the new yarn and project. love the photo!!