Saturday, October 17, 2009

bjorn and some updates

santa made an early stop yesterday, meet "bjorn" my husqvarna Sapphire850-sewing, quilting and embroidery machine (very minimal embroidery capability). unless someone can suggest a more manly swedish name, bjorn it has been christened. i did a bit of sewing with it last night at quilt club, and it is vastly different from my singer. love it! look forward to adding some umph to my quilts.

basement update: it's coming along, steve is finishing the project from this point, painting done, duct work nearly done, and some of the ceiling done,. completion date is around november 9, hope to be able to get things moved back into place when i get back from nyc. i've uploaded a few pictures of the paint colors onto flickr as that's the only real noticeable update you can see.
knitting update: am making strides in the knitting arena, updated photos are on flickr and ravelry. i've also queued ruby red and girl friday from fall 2009 knitty. i hope to get the yarn for ruby red while i'm in nyc, doesn't look like it requires much and it calls for sock yarn.
quilting update: can't show photos yet, but have finished 2, and one is nearly done. the halloween wall hanging is on flickr. i like how it came out, and i learned some secrets to straight intersections while working on this project.
cross-country is finished except for regional/state meets. today was the first meet i was able to go to, and it was freezing! it was 46 degrees when we left acworth at 7am and it was 46 degrees when kathy and i got back at noon, and it's still about the same temp now!

have also been listening to podcast-thanks mary, and am really enjoying the knitmore girls. am trying to get download some of the old ones onto my ipod so i can listen on my way to work-great idea as always! enjoy your weekend and stay warm.

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mary said...

bjorn is beautiful!! lucky you! I saw photos of the knitting on flickr - you're making great progress! (I have yarn for ruby red - takes a little more than 1,000 yds - I got 3 375 yd skeins - maybe we can do it together?)