Friday, November 13, 2009

new york day 2

here is a view of prospect park. love how the leaves are on the path. today i walked across the brooklyn bridge, i think there should be a weight limit on the bridge like-" you can only cross this bridge if you weight x # of pounds", cause i thought i was going to go over the side into the east river. today's weather was definitely blustery, a bit of sprinkles here and there, but aside from that not to bad. explored prospect park, ate a picnic lunch- then i headed back towards manhattan and walked around the financial district before heading back to katie's. i managed to get turned around near rockefeller center so i didn't see the tree they are putting up. we had dinner at fig and olive, very very good. now we are watching the proposal and settling in for the night. am very glad that katie is feeling better and we have shopping plans for tomorrow. TTFN

which was awesome


mary said...

oh we LOVE fig&olive! enjoy the shopping today!!

Lynette said...

Gorgeous picture!