Sunday, March 28, 2010

binder clips.

so coming up with a name for this post was a bit tricky. i thought about how many &*(%$# times am i gonna have to cast on this "easy" sweater (about 10!), or how many times is the &^%$## waste yarn gonna come out of the some of the stitches (at least 3!), or how many &&**** ways can this thing actually twist around. how about i've wasted 4 knitting hours on trying to get this ***&&%%$$ started. after all this i decided to try this approach-finally success. i used binder clips to keep all the stitches going in the same directions. who'd have thought binder clips could be so useful.
a few weeks ago i frogged the dill pickle nordic swing, and hanked the yarn, it looked totally like ramen noodles, friday night i soaked the hanks in eucalan (should have done photos of the process), then hanged them from my drying rack weighing them down with-what else- BINDER CLIPS, and the results! as good as new-will be winding this up into hanks hopefully this week. let's hope the cast on of this project will not require any binder clips!

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mary said...

congrats on the progress (what is the first binder clip project?) and I do think *&**(^^*&^* would've made a pretty interesting title too :-)