Sunday, May 2, 2010

swatch central

my suv became a super useful vehicle yesterday. finished swatching for arabella, traveling woman, and pavo real. below are the swatches. not sure how useful they will prove to be. i'm going with size 6 for the traveling woman-who will have a cool name since it's going to be my las vegas plane/airport knitting-any suggestions? the colorway reminds me of cherries in milk chocolate.

the arabella i got 5.5 sts-1" on size 6, but wanted to see how a smaller needle would look. the swatched area above the white thread is the 5's. after washing the swatch it grew a bit, so think i'll stick with 6's for this. now pavo real, i tried size 8 and 9-got about the same gauge 4 sts rather than 3.5 sts-1". will probably stick with the 8's so it's not too loose. the swatch using the 8's is below the stitch marker. below are the swatches, and if you're not a knitter-none of this will make any sense. however, it'll be the easiest way to tell my 3 knitting compadres who are going to be doing arabella and pavo real with me to know how things came out-

arabella (green) pavo real (pink)


mary said...

oooohhhh fun! I agree with all your conclusions on the swatches and needle sizes. and LOVE that you've shown "why swatch?" (lynn!!) suggested names for the vegas project: 1) sinful traveler; 2) vegas woman. hope you get more suggestions! safe travels! - m.

Anonymous said...

you totally lost me...yes, i'm definitely a non-knitter...have fun in vega. Polly