Sunday, October 10, 2010

call me crazy.

i felt a nudge as i was finishing my second rosebud (embossed leaves) sock to give the socks to a flight attendant on saturday when i was coming home from houston. she is a knitter, and she stopped to admire my sock, and told me she had developed second sock syndrome, and had knitters to hang out with a few years ago, even had a stash of yarn-but couldn't get her knitting going again. the entire flight i tried to rationale why i shouldn't/couldn't give my socks away-much since i loved them, and wanted to wear them. what are the odds that i'd finish a pair mid flight and have the chance to make someone smile who had the same size foot. after hearing lysa terkeurst, i didn't want to ignore the voice i was hearing -even if it was my subconscious.

p.s. she is going to have to weave in the ends!


Beth said...

That was so nice of you! They are beautiful socks. I bet you really made her day!

Mary said...

that's not crazy, that's really nice! and boy, does that turn "selfish knitting" on its ear! way to go!!