Friday, October 15, 2010

the eagles have landed.

piedmont park has spent several days getting ready for the eagles concert today. an early morning photo of the semi's that lined charles allen blvd and 10th street, at 0'dark 30. i'm amazed at the amount of equipment, trucks, rv's, trailers, port-o-johns,pallets of beverages, golf carts, trash cans that are being utilized for this one day event. okay, granted this post is pretty random, but seeing all this at 6:00 am~~ i find strangely intriguing.


Mary said...

given where you work, I'm sure you could have an entire blog dedicated to "intriguing sights at odd hours" :-)

Beth said...

There is something intriguing about all that, isn't there? Maybe it's because it's such a different lifestyle than ours.

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