Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dec. 13 & 14-on the fly "again"

my work day doesn't afford the opportunity to get really good christmas-y photos, and the lighting in our house is awful in the evening.so i'm really trying to do the best with what i've got.  and that's OKAY- i do love how a tree looks all lit up, strangely peaceful. i also LOVE outdoor lights. i've always wanted lights on our house and shrubbery. we never had them when i was a kid, so that's something i've put on my bucket list.  i now have wrapped gifts tagged and under the tree-just 2 more gifts to take care of, and i need to help mom with wrapping hers.
dec.14-thank goodness andrew has learned his way around the kitchen. today he helped me make the stuffing for our office christmas lunch. we used seasoned peppridge farms stuffing mix, along with some sauteed onions and celery-we had a little taste and it's pretty good.  didn't realize that the roasting pan we put it wouldn't fit into the oven so we had to smush it a little bit, it's aluminum, so it'll straighten right up. i've got to set my alarm clock for 4 am so i can put the ham in to heat up-there seems like a lot to do, but at the same time not-odd. i did cast on the susie's reading mitts last night, and worked on them while andrew was at the orthodontist this afternoon. i'm smitten with the yarn (sublime) and pattern so far.  the buttons are on coraline, i totally love it, and plan to wear it this weekend. photos at some point. i'm doing a few fun things along the way. i also walked at lunch and while it was cold it was a beautiful day, i had on plenty of layers so the cold was bearable. glad it wasn't windy like it was on monday.
well i think i've done for today-a warm soft bed is calling. 

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Beth said...

Your tree looks really pretty. I like the angle from which the photo was taken, too.