Wednesday, December 8, 2010

dec. 8-talking trees

this isn't the best photo, but did not get a chance to take pictures until evening. i know i've used this title before, but i love how our christmas tree resonates our favorite things and a bit of our personality. we are 5 people sharing the same house, and we are different and unique in our own way-kinda how God made us. anyway, i'm sure i'll be featuring more of our ornaments throughtout december each telling their own story and making our christmas tree a real talking tree.  hanging together is my starbucks christmas cup ornament and big ben. i love coffee and my mom was born in london, so there you go- there are times where i've pondered having a themed tree, or a single color tree, but i guess until the boys inherit ornaments we've used over the years for their own trees- we'll share our talking tree.


Mary said...

very pretty - one of my favorite things about trees is that they're all very different. it's fun to see how others decorate, ornaments they use, etc. you're right - they do tell stories!

Beth said...

I enjoyed your post. I like hearing stories about all the ornaments.

We have the same type of tree - ornaments from over the years, given by people, etc. Emma has a tree for her room (that we will probably put in the kitchen this year) that has all her ornaments on it. I really need to get my tree going - it's been sitting there for a week with 1/2 strand of lights on it!