Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 favorite games from your childhood

my list is very similar to mary's and beth's-np photo this time-i'm being a total slacker!

1. Candy land
2. Clue-really loved this game-maybe that's why i also love mystery novels?!
3. Yahtzee
4. Rummy
5. Uno
6. Hi-Ho Cherry-o
7. Parchesi
8. Sorry-i think sorry and parchesi had the same kind of strategy
9. Trouble
10. Trivial Pursuit-totally loved this game as a teenager


Beth said...

Great list! I thought I'd have a hard time remembering ten games but in the end I had to weed some out. I played a lot of Uno as a teenager. My boyfriend, his friends, and I would play Killer Uno where everything was doubled (draw 2 = draw 4, etc.). I still have my Uno deck from back then!

TheMagicDragon said...

Clue is the greatest game ever!