Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 things i wouldn't want to live without.

here's my first go at this from carole knits-mary's list is nearly spot on with mine with only 2 exceptions, but i'll try to not copy her list entirely, but rather supplement so i really have 18 things!
1. coffee-absolutely-serious grumpy pants without this
2. cheese- my absolute favorite food
3. blogs-i've learned so much from the one's i subscribe too, and many bring encouragement and laughter into my life.
4. proverbs 31 ministry-i've been really blessed by these daily emails (thank you mary as always for suggesting something wonderful)
5. Bible (i have several translations, not an absolute favorite, i think they all have something unique)
6. gadgets (laptop, iphone, now my kindle)
7. all-clad cookware-am convinced it'll outlive me.
8. camera-am hoping for an upgrade at some point, but it is always with me.
9. hair dryer
10.  knitting stash and tools


Katie said...

I like your list! How are you liking the kindle?

Mary said...

good list - now I feel like I have 18 things on mine, too!! and what is that gorgeous project you're knitting???

Beth said...

Great list! Just signed up for the Proverbs 31 devotions.