Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 ways to be more organized.

i have to say this is one of the areas i tend to excel at-

1. file folders-i use them at home and at work extensively-not only the physical ones, but i have folders for my email, my external hard drive, desk top etc. helps me to find stuff easily.
2. establish routines-on wednesdays i stop at the grocery store on my way home, and clean my house    this let's me plan "play" dates with my girlfriends, and i can really enjoy my weekend.
3. keep things in their place-when i leave a room i always check to see if something needs to go upstairs or downstairs. that way when i go in that direction i can take stuff with me.
4. keep like with like-my knitting stuff is all together as is my sewing stuff. sometimes it gets a bit messy, but clean up is a breeze and all my crafts have a designated area. i also return things to the same place in the kitchen, and in my pantry.
5. a launch pad-my cell phone gets charged in the same spot every night, and in the morning after i've check my emails it goes right into my purse. since i have a winter coat to deal with, my launch pad has moved to the chair in the dining room. when i get home my coat goes on the back of the chair, my tote bag, knitting bag and purse go right next to it.
6. handle a piece of paper (or mail) once-learned this from my teaching days. grade paper enter into grade book, put in folder for return. when i get mail, junk goes right into the trash, things i need to file or want to save go by the basement door (that's where my desk is located), things i want to read either go in my tote bag or upstairs.
7. alarms-when i make a notation on my calendar (i use my i-phone) i always set the alerts. depending on what it is i have an alert for the day before and 15-30 minutes prior. sometimes it's just the "day of" reminder.
8. have a spare-i have extras of several things we use frequently. my family knows that when it comes out of the pantry into the drawer (alum. foil, plastic wrap, etc), then it goes on the grocery list. same thing with olive oil, rice, pasta etc. i like to keep my grocer store stops to 1 per week.
9. make a list-i keep a list on my iphone of household things i may be running low on (shampoo, cleaning supplies, contact lens solution, etc) that way if i happen to be in costco or target i can see what i might be needing.
10. menus-i have a calendar on my fridge for the current month. it includes our evening obligations, and our planned meals. it's a time saver for the grocery shopping, the boys know what's going on and what we're having for dinner. sometimes our evening obligations require that we eat earlier, so it really helps having this where everyone can see it.
if you want to know how i tackle really big projects-let me know.


Mary said...

working full time AND having a full house requires you to excel at organization! I LOVE the folders in your photo - do tell where they're from! the launch pad is a great idea - with winter coats and all the knitting I take with me, I need a BIG spot and the dining room table would do it!

Beth said...

Yes, I want to know how you handle really big projects! I love those folders, too!