Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 on Tueday-the library

this is definitely an interesting "10" so here goes
1. it's free! to borrow and join
2. an amazing selection of media: magazines, books, movies, audio books, newspapers, computers & internet
3. they carry the latest and greatest for-see #1
4. i've requested books on numerous occasions that were not in the library catalog and they've always have come through.
5. inter-system loaning makes requesting books that are at a different branch so much easier
6. on-line searching and renewing on-line (what a time saver)
7. programs for children, libraries are an excellent education resource.
8. it's quiet, although i have to say it seems like that's changing.
9. curb-side drop off
10. very fond childhood memories that center around the library in roswell (norcross and alpharetta highway, the building is still there, but the library has moved), and the school library. the school librarian at roswell elementary, mrs. lunseford was a wonderful woman who had a passion for learning and books. someone i really looked up to, and i can't tell you how many books i picked up on my way home from school.

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Lynette said...

Loved seeing this post, Lydia. I love libraries! Your list included so many things that would have been on my list.