Monday, March 14, 2011

monday moment: bread

actually this was taken on sunday, that's okay right?! am doing lots of practice with baking bread from this book. i think i've perfected the baguette-this doesn't have the super crispy crust which is fine as that type of crust can be difficult for some people to eat. this batch had a chewy crust and soft center. i like the recipe for the baguette as it only takes 20 minutes for the second rise and 25 minutes to cook. others in the book require a 45-60 minute rise time.  with  the weather being warm, but mild, i've been letting the bread cool on the deck, and then it'll be ready for slicing. we really love fresh bread at our house and i've been buying lots of flour these days between the bread baking, pizza dough, and Andrew's quest for the perfect biscuit.


Beth said...

That looks so delicious! I wonder how different that book is from their first one.

Mary said...

freshly baked bread...yumm.... and would love an update on the flours - what works best for what?

Sara said...

baking bread like this is one of my goals as a baker.

for andrew on biscuits: