Tuesday, March 1, 2011

what i love about march

this week's 10 for Tuesday required a little more creativity, here's what i like about the month of march

1. warmer weather-even if sporatic
2. wearing flats without socks or stockings
3. getting to wear cardigans-especially my favorite hand knit ones
4. spring flowers that are beginning to peak out of the ground-have seen daffodils and crocus already
5. winter flowers that are still thriving- pansies and ornamental cabbage (kale or whatever it is!)
6. driving with the sunroof open-most days
7. sitting on the deck in jeans and a t-shirt-and it's not too hot
8. there are usually no mosquitos which makes #7 more enjoyable
9. wearing jeans and a t-shirt as my casual ensenmble
10. being Irish for a day-and having fun with the ides of march beware thing


Mary said...

ah, yes... spring is wonderful! I'm glad it starts in march where we live!

Beth said...

No mosquitos - definitely a good thing!