Thursday, June 9, 2011

the merry merry month of may

a long over due photo post of may madness. . .

PJ turn 18-'sup? complete with brownies with cream cheese frosting (thank you little bro)

celebrating 20 years-well sorta-it always gets smushed up in there somewhere, but lovely cards nonetheless

Mother's day-see the anniversary notation-always nice to get the lovely cards.

Andrew got his braces off-finally!

Andrew celebrates "sweet"16-he used to really smile for the camera-back in the day, guess i'm glad i took photos when i did-celebrated with hot wings and pecan caramel bourbon chocolate souffle cake-omg-soooo good.

 we also went bowling to celebrate.

graduation party for the seniors of our church- an eagle for Ga Southern, and GSU hat, Woody ( a childhood favorite) Lion King (PJ's favorite movie from when he was 2)-scrapbook of photos, certificates and awards, cross country shirt, baseball gove and shirt from little league, and GSU fabric for a future quilt for pj and project bag for me (how cool is that to have college fabric?!) we had 11 kids graduating from our church and 2 from college.

jean celebrates a birthday and receives lovely flowers from a friend that moved last year (we do miss lynette and charlie bunches)

this year i did something different, everyone got a balloon put on the mailbox on the day of their birthday, also added are a mother's day balloon i got from one of my bosses, and a graduation balloon for PJ. the graduation balloon has the high school logo on it which is an A with a sabre.

andrew gets his license

pj graduates from high school (this hasn't really sunk in yet)

may wrapped up with a lovely weekend, and long standing tradition at Dillard (and formerly callaway gardens), we had a party for pj, drank wine, sangria, ate great food, walked, did some knitting, played games, watched tv, and most importantly of all had a chocolate mousse throw down, i think roy was quite pleased with the dishes, and each had a special category.

                                                          Karen, Andrew, Sara and Roy (the judge)

even though the month of may is (and has always been) very hectic, i try to cherish each special day as it's own special memory. here's to getting back to a normal routine (finally!)

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Mary said...

you amaze me!! a WHOLE year of memories crammed into one short month - thank goodness it has 31 days :-)