Wednesday, August 24, 2011

operation move-in

 after spending about an hour on the highway waiting to get to the RAC center to get keys, we finally made it to PJs dorm room to unload-we really didn't have much and am guessing that's a good thing?
 the kitchenette-not too bad-plenty of space-to the left of the counter is PJ's roommates bedroom-right across from the kitchenette is where the double sink/mirror is located and then the bathroom. PJ's room is next to the bathroom.
 PJ's dorm room-these rooms currently are 1 person per bedroom, but the beds are designed to convert to bunks if dorm space becomes scarce-clever-huh?
outside their room is a cute little welcome sign of sorts-right across from their room is a conference room-study area-nice that it's a room rather than an open space so that you could study without being disturbed-yes these are the only photos i got, and no-that was not my intention. however, PJ's loving GaSo so far-so that makes mom very happy indeed-so all's good.

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Mary said...

glad pj is adjusting and loving it - and yes, that makes a mama rest easier for sure!