Friday, September 23, 2011

i'm either very "pretty", a magician or a genius mathematician

somehow despite reading the label SEVERAL times and reading the pattern shopping list SEVERAL times. i somehow expect 660 yards of yarn to be enough for a sweater that requires 800 yards!!! SO, if i'm a magician-i'll be heading to vegas, so move over david copperfield and chris angel. then again, maybe i should write a math textbook, you know they told me in high school that algebra was "new math" (hm-um yea). how about we just call me very pretty, and i'll go buy another ball of yarn tomorrow-K?
rosemary pictorial update coming soon-i promise! happy friday.


Mary said...

you are beautiful...your talents lie in other areas :-)

martha said...

That's why we leave the math to Mary :-) I had to buy a whole skein the other day for two inches on a sleeve.