Thursday, October 6, 2011

food truck thursday.

i've been wanting to try the food trucks in midtown for a while. it was too hot during the summer and they were further away from my office. they don't call it "hot"lanta for nothing. anyway, today was the perfect day to venture out and try some "street" food

others certainly had the same idea i did, some of the options included-sliders, bbq, tamales/tacos, cajun po boys, sausages, pizza, gelato, cupcakes (i'll try these next time, they come highly recommended), paninis, i'm sure there were more that i missed.

today i tried a chicken taco, and a spicy pork tamale at the tamale queen atl truck, yum! for dessert i stopped at the king of pops cart. my boss introduced me to these last year, and they are sooo good. they are actually called paletas; which is a south american popsicle.  they are made with fresh juice and you can see from the sign some really cool extras. i highly recommend the chocolate sea salt, and today i had the blackberry mojito-mmmmm.
a bit of exercise, some glorious weather, and really really good "junk" food. can't wait for next week.

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Mary said...

what fun! I so want to try those pops!!