Monday, December 19, 2011

dec. 17, 18 & 19-routines, no bows please and simplicity.

i like routines, i know what to expect and if i stick pretty close to my schedule, the bumps can be handled with ease (sometimes).  i love saturdays and try not to plan anything where i have to be showered, shampooed and dressed before 10:00. now with sophie i have added let the dog out, feed the dog, walk the dog then drink coffee. there is more walk and feeding the dog later on.  i make a final check through the week's emails to make sure i've not forgotten something. i keep emails that still require action in my "inbox", then it's either filed or deleted-i'm very visual so it helps me remember. i also go through mail, and any other papers that i might not have had a chance to sort through. i got lots done this week including baking 5 kinds of cookies and grilling burgers for dinner (yummm). of course, even though it's a week before christmas, i've been able stick to my routine, and balance the additional stuff without too much stress :-)

sunday was our family gift exchange-i should have gotten a photo since all 6 grandkids were in one spot, but there was too much going on.  we had a great time, as always, and plenty of yummy food.  i had hoped that sophie would be as willing to wear a red bow on her collar as she was to wear a jing-ly color, but ALAS no, she was having none of that, but i was able to get a photo anyway-maybe next year when she grows up?!

another house i pass on my lunchtime walk is this one

i love the simple string of lights, and i think it is in keeping with the time period of the house as i think most of the homes in this area are from the late 1930s or 1940s. Bonus is the location-right across from piedmont park.

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Mary said...

loved meeting sophie - hope she and holly get along better the next time they meet :-) was fun to see everyone - can't believe this is the week before christmas!!