Wednesday, February 8, 2012

maintaining focus.

i figure if i'm going to be successful this year with my OLW for 2012 it'll require me to give examples and check in every now and then. i've gone back and pulled the january information from ali's class, and had a chance to get better in touch with my word. i hope to post in february a recap of both months. the photo is my desk in the office (basement) and i try to keep my laptop here, so that the distractions are minimnal when i want to get "things" done. being sorta secluded helps me to monitor how much time spend on-line-pinterest, facebook, blog reading/writing, flickr-you know what i mean!.  no matter where i go somehow sophie manages to find me and wants some mommy-puppy time, but that's OKAY.  i'm learing that some things that are "focus important" and require me to purposefully setting aside time and give X my full attention.  steve and i had great together time in new orleans-no agenda, no distrations, just whatever-those times are very few and far between, something i hope to remedy.  i've also found that by sticking to (focusing!) my week day routine (housecleaning, laundry, exercise, etc), i can plan and better enjoy the times i set aside to spend with family and friends on the weekends.  friday night pizza has become one of those habits which i really enjoy-andrew and i move through the kitchen as if we were in a ballet. while he still refuses to embrace the mushroom (a pizza requirement) we manage to get hot pies out of the oven in time to watch episodes of the office and the big bang theory while we munch on gooey cheese and crispy crust, if i'm lucky there'll be frozen margarita's too! while i haven't gotten as much sewing done as i'd like, i am managing to get more knitting time in-completed 2 socks and am making progress on the sweaters.  i also managed to queue only 2 projects since the beginning of the year.  i think i'm doing pretty good so far.

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Mary said...

I find, too, keeping focus requires constant attention. I use the timer on my microwave a lot to manage my time while I'm home. 25 minutes to eat breakfast and read. 45 minutes to knit. 30 minutes for catching up on google reader.... it helps!