Friday, June 22, 2012

currents on a friday

listening -the a/c unit at work and enjoying the relative quiet of the office-maybe i'll listen to something on my iphone

eating -banana bread with a bit of peanut butter and an apple for breakfast

drinking - coffee

wearing - jeans, white tank and grey top with flats-i do love casual friday!

reading - believing the lie (it's ONLY 600+ pages)

weather -80 degrees and sunny

knitting - sleeve #2 for graham cracker and i have to reknit sleeve #1 and my spring forward socks (2nd one of that pair), about an inch completed on my summer top-have been trying to get my graham cracker finished, hopefully by sunday.

needing - plants some more basil and fertilize the tomatoes-they're kinda puny right now

enjoying -Andrew has been home all week-no campers to cook for, and that he is always willing to help with stuff around the house and with sophie-he went with me to the dog park yesterday.

looking forward to - quilt club on monday and pj coming home tonight (at least i think he is)

wondering -if i'll sell enough of my stuff at our yard sale this weekend to get the yarn i want to purchase next week.

how about you?


Mary said...

whoa - I'm seriously behind on what you're knitting; enjoy the time with your boys this weekend!!

Beth said...

My tomatoes are looking puny, too. Think I'll copy your fertilizer idea.