Friday, August 3, 2012


listening -the stupid A/C unit near my desk blowing CONSTANTLY!!!!

eating -nothing, a pimento cheese sandwich awaits me for lunch

drinking - coffee (of course) last cup for today

wearing - jeans, "dress" sneakers, and my official england soccer jersey-this belonged to andrew, and he hasn't been able to wear it since middle school.  it is honor of the 2012 olympic games :-)

reading - Gumbo Tails, Apology Languages, and the book of Acts

weather -79 degrees, fair, and 75% humidity

knitting- gnarled oak cardigan, aran necklace tunic, and victorian cowl (just cast on), i need to double check but the cardigan and tunic should be at the stage they need to be to count for the ravallenic games (woo-hoo)

needing - to get lots of "little" things done this weekend-check emails, clear off desk, upload photos, etc.

enjoying -cycling!! am going for a lunchtime ride today with a colleague from work.

looking forward to - lots of stuff! 50th birthday party tonight, riding with steve tomorrow, mexican on tuesday, hopefully more riding, checking things off my to-do list and knitting.

wondering -if i'll get to see the end of the opening ceremonies before the olympics are over?!

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Mary said...

LOVE that shirt!!