Friday, September 21, 2012

friday flashback.

it's been a busy last few days, lots of good stuff- friday night quilt club at kathy's good food and company (always)
i finished the gnarled oak cardigan between frames at bowling-i LOVE the pattern and the yarn. now to hunt for buttons. i've cast on the deep water cardigan, made some progress on my cedar leaf shawlette, and the wispy cardigan. am hoping to have these 3 completed before the end of september-we'll see my bosses are traveling next week- wink wink
pj called on thursday to let us know he'd be home for a visit this weekend, unexpected and delightful. i took this opportunity to take a photo of all my kids :-)
in honor of having pj home i stopped by douceur de france macaroons-they were delish!
friday before work i also had to get an estimate on fixing the mirror and damage to my car and return/order andrew's senior portraits.  saturday, sunday and wednesday i got to ride 20+ miles on the silver comet trail which was great. the extra 23 miles made up for not riding on monday (rain) and thursday (lazy).  i really wish i had a helmet cam because the trees on the trail are starting to change, and it's just lovely.
monday was the falcons game-what a win, in fact i got very little knitting done at this game cause i didn't want to miss a thing-plus i had to rip out what i'd worked on in maryland.  it's a little too early in the season to get overly excited about how well they'll do-so many seasons that have ended in disappointment. am looking forward to the next home game on the 30th.
this weekend i'm looking forward to:
completing a couple sewing projects
blocking 5 FOs!
gumbo for saturday
spaghetti with andrew's (divine) marinara on sunday
maybe apple pie?!-certainly feels like apple pie weather
margaritas and pizza tonight
harvest the last of the basil for pesto-maybe

doing other odds and ends around the house-i keep thinking thanksgiving and christmas are going to sneak up on me. i want to get somethings "in order" before they do!

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Mary said...

whoa. lots going on! looking forward to catching up this week!